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Begin your arcade crane claw machine business!

Welcome to Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd.. We’re dedicated to the rental, production, supply, supports, and distribution of amusement arcade retro games and interactive games for events agency or marketing agency in Malaysia. We have a very good relationship and a good connection with our suppliers (An arcade amusement factory – over 20 years of experience) in China. Come with that, we guaranteed and ensure all the machines are produced in good quality, make sure the production timeline to deliver on time as well as providing the warranty on each of our product sales. Other than claw machines, Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd. have a wide range of arcade product types such as King of Hammer, Arcade Boxing Punch Machine, Arcade Classic Game Console, and many others. Each product tutorials and technical advisory will be given!

If you’re interested in starting an arcade claw machine business in your area. Great decision!  According to the one of the US business magazine, operating a toy claw crane machine route is one of the easiest businesses to start. And, the best part, this virtually recession-proof business has the potential to earn a return on investment the instant you set up your first arcade toy crane claw machine.

Few tips below to begin the Arcade Crane Claw Machine Business

  1. Decide which toy crane claw machine is right for you in term of the quality and features. Chooose the Right Machines equipment & supplies.
  2. Understand the license application process. (DBKL / MPPJ and etc) – Hiburan dengan mesin hiburan (Kiddy Rides & Mesin simulator)
  3. Find & secure the location.
  4. Service & Maintain Your Vending Machines.
  5. Always advise to start small number of machines (easy to maintain and services).

We’re looking forward to working with you! Kindly call or whatsapp us at 011-3669-3396Artcage Rent Sdn Bhd now.

The sample of the claw machine shop setup.
Two players mode claw machine


Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd. is dedicated to the machine sales, machine rental, production, supply, supports, distribution of amusement arcade games or event digital interactive, event activities game props and rental in Malaysia. We do custom made machines and specialized in producing unique arcade game machines. We also give customers a wide range of the quality, affordable price and professional technical advisory after sale service!


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