Custom made Classic Arcade Console

Yes! We built the arcade video classic game console from scratch! Turn the arcade classic video game into any of your own idea cabinet and customized design your own skin is not an issue today! We brings you back to your childhood day – Gather at arcades store and spend the rest of after-school hours at those games.

There’s over 1,500 arcade games available.  The most popular ones include King of Fighters, Street Fighter, Space Invaders, Pac-man, Marvel VS Capcom, Super Mario, Metal Slug and many others.

Lastly, here we have a few photos of the arcade machine we built, it took us roughly two weeks(10 days) to get everything and put it all together.

Contact us at 011-3669 3396 Kino if you wish to create one for your own home use or for the event use!

Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd.

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