Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd. provide interactive, activities for your events use. We’ve many types of game machines and game props such as arcade rental, kiosk panels to the physical games like Zenga, soccer penalty kick and etc.

Call / WhatsApp us at +60129088099 or E-mail at Hello@artcagerent.com.my and drop your message by introduce yourself, from which company and share the dates, rental period and venue for your event.

Yes, it’s possible. The modification of the reservation could be made in minimum 1 week (07 days) before the actual event date.

Yes, is doable by paying the cost for Artcage’s member to wrap it. Check with the sales person now!

Usually the gifts, present or merchandises are prepared and provided by client side and Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd. only provided the gifts if quoted with it value.

Once an order has been dispatched, it may NOT be cancelled and the delivery fee and ordered items must be paid by the person of order. Please inform the sale agent if you wish to cancel your order in a minimum of three days before the booking date.

At Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd., we don’t advise customers to pick up and send by using own transportation. All the machines are advise to be handled by our professional mover team.

Cash on delivery, cheques and online transfer to our bank account. With written name “Artcage Rent Sdn. Bhd.”.

Once invoice has been issued. The payment should be made within 14 days according to the date of invoice issued.

Feel free to email us at hello@artcagerent.com.my or contact our via direct line +60129088099.

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