Air Hockey Table

Air hockey table brings a new level of air hockey to your commercial arcade or bar, or to your home games room. It takes that arcade performance and blends it with radical ice hockey graphics and LED light displays, with a black background making it suitable for almost any installation.

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Insert coin / token to activate the game. The players have to hit the “plate” or “hockey ball” on the desk and make sure it go into opponent goal, and avoid it drop into your own goal. Once the score reached at the setting point or time out considered game over.

Product Details

  • Name: Air Hockey Table
  • Material: Metal, Fiberglass and Acrylic
  • Power: 3,000 watts, 13amps
  • Summary: Metal and acrylic made, high quality fiberglass.


  • 2 Players mode.
  • Waterproof and moisture-proof stickers
  • Able to do a full wrap customization sticker which come with neon led lighting bar.
  • It’s suitable for kids to adults.

Additional information

Weight 260 kg