Large Arcade Crane Claw Machine

Large Arcade Crane Claw Machine

Large size coin-operated arcade crane claw machine with 250mm to 300mm claw hand.

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Large size Claw Machine Prize Crane Game as a merchandiser arcade machine. It builds into the game a lot of enthusiasm and a feeling of “I can do it” attitude.  Also, the enthusiasm for playing the game is further deepened with all those “free toys” to win. Many times expensive branded t-shirts, popular electronic toys, water bottles and much more. The important point of Claw Machine Prize Crane Game is not the value of the item the person wins, but the mental euphoria. As he/she gets by way of recognition from the company through promotional merchandise.

Product Details

  • Name: Large size Arcade Crane Claw Machine
  • Material: Plywood, PU, Stainless
  • Power: 3,000 watts, 13amps
  • Summary: high quality voltage control, high quality LED display panel and high quality joystick and button, full high quality 5mm tempered glass with stainless frame, easy to transport with wheel.


  • LARGE in size than the normal claw machine which can claw bigger / larger plush toys or prizes
  • Control the crane with joystick and button
  • Refilling easy
  • Adjustable Winning-ratio.
  • Coin or free mode activated

Additional information

Weight 120 kg
Dimensions 140 × 115 × 210 cm
Additional cost

The rental of the machine is not included plush toys, it's suitable for 18" to 24" Length soft toys.