Naught Bean Machine

Naught Bean Machine

Naughty Beans or catch the light is a puzzle game which is both classic and fun. It always appears with bright color lights and charming ,easy ways of playing. It’s also a new speed and reflex game designed for both adults and children. Quickly press the lit buttons to outsmart your opponent in this fact-paced redemption piece, perfect for any events!

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Naughty Beans is a puzzle game which is both classic and fun. It always appears with bright color lights and charming , easy ways of playing. Not only battle mode (for two players or even more) but also on-line mode are available. One game machine with different ways of playing, fists of awesomeness. Insert the coin, press the “start” button to enter the game, hit a light button to score 1 point and hit an unlit light button will lose 1 point. At the end, players will know who score the most!

Product Details

  • Name: Arcade Naughty Bean Machine
  • Material: PU, Stainless Steel, Plastic
  • Power: 3,000 watts, 13amps
  • Summary: High quality buttons, high quality voltage control, high quality LED screen display


  • Interesting battle games, best for child-parent.
  • Simple but exciting, strong rhythm, fun enough.
  • Colorful lighting, dynamic and attractive by the combination of sounds and lights.

Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Naughty Bean Machine

Naughty Bean, Arcade Machine, Light Up Machine


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